Blueprint for the future.

SuisseTech has been planning and building complex civil engineering projects for many years, taking infrastructure forward and promoting mobility. Our work is based on sustainability, reliability, and a focus on the future. Best quality and enduring construction methods are always the top priority. From small construction projects to once-a-century blockbusters, we offer all the experts and machinery you need from a single source – from development and planning to logistics and actual construction, to maintenance and commissioning.



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SuisseTech tries to be adequate to the rapidly fast pace of development and in line with the latest trends in construction and architecture.

SuisseTech is a leading construction and real estate company in Bulgaria, as well as has a strong position in the development of infrastructure sites in the markets of Switzerland, Bulgaria and the United Arab Emirates. SuisseTech is also a successful real estate entrepreneur in Bulgaria and the United Arab Emirates

Trusted Partners

SuisseTech Bulgaria is in partnership with established companies in the local and international market